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Drew Kennedy Music, LLC

Fresh Water in the Salton Sea

Fresh Water In The Salton Sea

Manta Ray Ventures, LLC and Anthony S. Geraci, Jr. are the executive producers of Fresh Water In The Salton Sea CD and Novel, both were written and performed by Drew Kennedy.

Drew Kennedy Music, LLC

An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel

Manta Ray Ventures, LLC and Anthony S. Geraci, Jr. are the executive producers of AN AUDIO GUIDE TO CROSS COUNTRY TRAVEL, that was written and performed by Drew Kennedy. 

Shownite Partners, LLC

SNP is a management, marketing, and promotions company providing services to artists, entertainers. SNP offers a package of professional services and expertise to our clients including management & marketing, endorsement/sponsorship development, negotiation, promotions, product development and distribution, merchandise, licensing, joint ventures, competitions and related events, handling media relations, post-career planning, consultation and appearances.

3rd Coast Skateboards, LLC

3rd Coast Skateboards is an independent, Texas based skateboard company.

i-4 Investment Group, LLC

i-4 Investment Group is a privately held real estate investment, development and management company with investments throughout the state of Texas. I-4’s strategy is strategic and opportunistic as it identifies and locates buyers and/or tenants before it purchases or makes an investment in a property. The focus is on investments that will provide better than average market returns.

San Cristobal Academy

The San Cristobal Academy is a transitional learning center, where students participate in substance abuse treatment, therapy, and education.

Originated, developed and operated from 2000 through 2006. Delivered great results year one, which enable SCRA to become operationally positive with in 12 months.  In 2006 executed the sale of The San Cristobal Ranch Academy to a strategic operator. The name was later changed to San Crsitobal Academy.

Fulshear Ranch Academy

At Fulshear Ranch Academy, a boarding school for girls (age 18 and over), young women are invited on a journey of self-discovery and education. Using a holistic model, participants experience both field-based experiential education and classroom academics, therapeutic groups and activities, life skills, and career training, all in an environment that promotes overall health and wellness.

Originated, developed and operated from 2004 through 2007.  In 2007 executed a sale of the Fulshear Ranch Academy to a healthcare holding company.

Focused Recovery, Inc.

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) that uses 12-Step and proven clinical treatment methods to help you make positive changes in clients’ lives. The clients participate in individual and group therapy with Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors. The program is designed for people who are ready to return to work, school or other responsibilities.

A target company for acquisition in 2005 overcame previous management issues and implemented a turnaround strategy with expansion of two locations to gain control of the state's market share.  Executed a sale in 2006 to a bigger operator in this space that resulted in return greater than 50% for its investors.

Transitions of Galveston Island

Transitions of Galveston Island is an 8 to 12-month young adult program that provides young men 18 and older a sober college living experience. Our three-phase, 12-Step-based community is designed for young men struggling with substance abuse or other additions.

Originated, developed and operated from 2005 through 2007.  In 2007 executed a sale of Transitions of Galveston Island to a healthcare holding company.